Top Reasons To Put Your Business Online Now

blue-online-shopping-oWhat’s the perfect venue for your business? Market feasibility studies focus on local statistics to foretell if a particular area is a good place to open up a branch or a new business. However with the boom of dot coms over the past decade, it created a whole new economy.


New venue to tap into bigger markets. Traditional brick and mortar businesses can benefit on doing business online. Think of it as a new venue for your business, a new branch, or expansion. If you’re running a specialty store, customers will love the idea that they don’t have to walk towards your store to purchase your products. They can order online and have it shipped to their address.


Better brand exposure. Internet marketing isn’t limited to geographical boundaries. Your brand and product can gain exposure, and new customers from another town, city or another country. Many small business start-ups who set up business online gain momentum through internet marketing.


Do business 24/7. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to operate or be awake all day. An online store can take orders anytime even when you’re asleep and then you can process them during regular business hours. For existing businesses, this can supplement your local offline sales.


Cost-effective marketing. Marketing your brand online doesn’t cost as much as traditional methods. There’s no need to print out ads or flyers or pay for product commercial airtime. Many businesses invest on online marketing methods that increase website traffic. Social media networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are great marketing channel to start with. A single like or share can trigger more page views and website traffic exponentially. Many of these platforms do not charge a penny to sign-up and setup a store page.

If you’re worried about competition from similar business, there are online marketing methods that can ramp up your game. Here’s are some tips on how to gain momentum and advantage over your competitors.


Build a user-friendly website or online store. If you don’t have website programming background, there are several website builders or developers that can design your site. Have someone create a modern website that represents your brand in its theme. A good website or online store doesn’t alienate its visitors. The goal is to get people who are already in your website to stay and browse around, and eventually buy one of your products or services. Think about user experience and easy navigation.


Focus on SEO and great content. Search engine optimization is what gets your website among the tops results when someone searches one of your services or product. The ultimate goal is to be on the top results or first page, and what drives this is the search engine algorithm. Although you won’t have any access to this system, there are strategies that can increase your rank. Keywords, page optimization, backlinks and viral content can all contribute to better search engine rankings.
Think local but with global standards. Smart mobile phones have revolutionized what it means to be in the yellow pages or directory. Many people now search for services and products they need using mobile browsers, where search engines focus on top local results. To gain advantage to this as a business owner, you should optimize your website for mobile devices. Choose a responsive web design that will function and look good on phones or tablets, and optimize your content to the area that you cater with.


Launching your business online isn’t just about gaining new customers. Your online presence also means that you have to take care of the quality of service or products that you sell. As your brand name spreads online, you have to take care of its reputation. One bad move can take your brand into a plunging death if you’re not careful or stable enough. However, do not take this as a risky move. On the bright side, constant positive feedback can attract new customers and referrals.